a small list of links that are related to this product.

Cox Electronics
A company owned by Mark Cox. He did the design of all electronics related to the LFO expander. He's specialized in repairing vintage synthesizers. He has a lot of experience concerning restoring Yamaha CS80's and other CS family members. He also designs his own midikits. He midified my Solina String Synthesizer and Korg minipops 7 and is of great assistance to my other synthesizer-friends.

Moog music
Needs no explanation. They sell the Moog EP2 expression pedal that I can advise as a good foot pedal to control the functions of the LFO expander.

A dutch forum about synthesizers.

Eminent 310
A website owned by Jan Pieter, all about the Eminent 310. As a Jean Michel Jarre fan myself, I own some of these organs too.

Daily updated website with synth related news.

Yahoo CS80
A user group with a lot of info about the CS80 and other CS family members.