How to order


I came up with the idea for the LFO expander for personal use. While working on the project, I decided to produce a small number of housings and pcb's to make it possible to build some units for other people.

Although this project started as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, I aimed to have a professional quality product. The housing was machined on cnc-production machines and has a powder-coated finish, the pcb's are cnc-machined as well and the layout of the top-panel was applied using silk-screening.

When the parts run out of stock, I will have to decide to make another production-run or not.

When you order a unit, I will probably have to build it from scratch since I'm not planning to assemble units on forehand. Since building a unit takes quite some time, you'll have to realize there will be a 1 to 2 week delay before I can ship the item, depending on the demand.

The price of one unit will be € 335,-

I will install 2 9V batteries inside the unit prior to shipping. That means the unit will arrive ready for use !

The items are hand-made in the Netherlands. Depending on your location, shipping costs will be added. Some shipping-rates:

Netherlands: €10,-

Europe: €25

I accept paypal but will have to add fees to the total amount: 3,4% for payments from the Netherlands, 3,9% for international payments. No creditcard-funded payments however.

I will also accept banktransfer. If you live in the Netherlands or in Europe and your country's currency is Euro, payments will be free of charge in most cases.

In all cases, please contact me prior to ordering.